It can achieve the quality and results of ENESSIS BINDING CASSETTE PLUS by making albums in the same dimensions using just cardboard.

The Enessis Systems create two-sided pages with real photo paper placed flat, highlighting the beautiful panoramic photos.

The preparation time takes no more than 15 minutes, and the rich variety of our continually renewable covers series will satisfy all the needs and requirements of your customers.

 The system is supported by a full range of consumables, allowing you to produce a wide range of digital photo albums.

The Enessis provides you with a full range of support bookbinders equipment, giving you the ability to equip your own digital bookbinding workshop in the standards level that you require for the efficient flow of your work and high productivity that you desire.

The system  is unparalleled in its versatility, product quality, the offer of range of different covers, and all these paying just a part of the cost that all the other competitive systems require.

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