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Το Yellow box ...Η αποθήκη μας στον χώρο σας.

Τι είναι το Yellow box;

Πρόκειται για ένα κουτί πολυτελείας διαστάσεων 48cm X 20cm χωρισμένο σε 8 κατηγορίες με υλικά και αξεσουάρ βιβλιοδεσίας . Στις τέσσερις από τις οκτώ κατηγορίες δημιουργούνται υποκατηγορίες υλικών και έτσι 

ο εκάστοτε συνεργάτης μας μπορεί να έχει όλη την αποθήκη μας στο γραφείο του.Κάθε φορά που σας αποστέλλουμε ένα νέο υλικό υπάρχει πρόβλεψη για να το τοποθετήσετε στην κατηγορία όπου ανήκει.

Μέσα από το Yellow box μπορείτε να επιλέξετε από χρώματα και υφές δερματινών, υφασμάτων βιβλιοδεσίας,χαρτονιών βιβλιοδεσίας ,

Πλαστικοποιήσεις,φόδρες ψηφιακών άλμπουμ, μέχρι d-foam πάνελ για επικόλληση φωτογραφιών.

Όλα όσα περιλαμβάνονται μέσα σε αυτό το κουτί υπάρχουν πάντα σε στόκ στην εταιρεία μας και δεν χρειάζεται να στοκάρετε υλικά.

Στόχος μας μας είναι η αναβάθμιση της γκάμας των υλικών με ολοένα  και μεγαλύτερη ποικιλία.

Δίνετε δωρεάν σε όλους τους παλιούς συνεργάτες μας ,και σε νέους συνεργάτες χρεώνεται τυπικά το ποσό των 50,00€ το οποίο αφαιρείτε μετά το πρώτο τιμολόγιο αγοράς άνω των 200,00€

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This product is a combination of four key elements. The grey-grey bookbinding cardboard, the foam material, the thin brown cardboard and the glue. The foam board paper is available in various thicknesses which depend on the thickness of the two base materials (grey - grey cardboard and foam). The thin brown cardboard is of 250g / sq. thickness and offers better feel in combination with the hard foam .The grey-grey bookbinding cardboard is available from 1,00mm thickness up to 4,00mm and the foam material from 2mm up to 5mm. The foam cardboard paper can easily be worked by any covering machine of the market. The standard sizes and thicknesses that our company offers are the following:  


Grey - grey cardboard 1,20mm, 1,70mm, 2,00mm, 2,40mm, 3,00mm, 3,50mm in dimension of 70cmx 100cm, 75cmx 105cm) Hard foam of 2.00mm thickness, 3,00mm and in dimension of 70cmx 100cm, 75cmx 105cm. All the grey - grey cardboard  thicknesses from 1mm up to 4mm and all foam thicknesses from 2mm up to 5mm in any dimension can be produced upon request of the customer to a specific amount.




The foam cardboard is exactly the same product with foam cardboard paper without the thin brown cardboard of 250 g. / Sq. The foam cardboard thanks to the hard and dense foam gives a rich and soft feel when dressed in the cover. This product is worked only by hand and is ideal for artistic bookbinding. Available in the same sizes and thicknesses as well as the foam cardboard paper.


The thin foam paper is a special product that consists of brown thin paper of 250 g. / Sq. and the foam. In essence we have two layers of thin brown sheets 250g. / Sq. and an intermediate foam sheet. The product is mainly used for the creation of decoration on album covers. It can easily be used by sewing machine. The thicknesses of the product depend on the foam (2mm up to 5mm). The standard sizes and thicknesses are of 70cmx 100cm, 75cmx 105cm 2,00mm, 3,00mm thickness. As in the other cardboard foam may be produced in any size and thickness upon client request to a specific amount.


IMG 9916fb

D-Foam is a lightweight material made of extruded polystyrene. Suitable for the adherence of photos and digital printings. It is available in two types: with glue (FIX) or without (Di). It is available in black and white and in 70x100cm and 100x140cm sheets. It doesn’t rot or decompose.

There is the possibility of cutting in small sizes upon request. Country of origin: Germany


Enessis Co, a private firm, was created in October 2007 in Athens and it’s  specialized since the beginning in the creation, production and knowledge of systems and bookbinding machines for digital books and photo albums. Enessis Co., has developed an extensive and unique experience in creating and producing bookbinding systems and machines, of high quality and international standards. Enessis simultaneously, is dedicated to provide and advise the end - user, with its unique expertise and bookbinding technology methods that has at its disposal, giving him the ability to produce high quality digital photo albums. Since May 2010 two new sections have been added to the company; the section of the mounting part of the machinery and the R & D section. In the same time there’s a  cooperation with our specialized factory for the production of sheet metals and machining parts. Simultaneously there’s cooperation with a specialized factory to produce sheet metals and machining parts.



Adopting a strategy of well-developed business solutions and unique financial applied engineering, Enessis has formed a team of highly skilled and competent experienced engineers to develop the design, efficiency and operation of the systems, according to local and international quality standards of security and protection. Ensuring the system with a patent, Enessis has also established exclusive partnerships with suppliers of all materials used in the production of its systems. Exclusive cooperation agreements have also been reached in the supplier level for digital consumables of photo books and photo albums, while Enessis has already invested and created a laboratory for packaging of core materials in disposable products.


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The grey - grey bookbinding cardboard is the known cardboard that we use for the production of covers in bookbinding. Our company introduces this cardboard from the company SmurfitKappa  from Germany and the Cartiera SanMartino from Italy.



The grey - grey cardboard is available in two dimensions 70cmx 100cm, 75cmx 105cm. The standard thickness is 1,2mm, 1,7mm, 2, mm, 2,40mm, 3,00mm, 3,50mm. Apart from the above dimensions and thicknesses may be available by special order in any dimension and thickness the customer wants. The product can also be provided with glue for quick and easy use and in cut sizes as (30cmx 30cm, 20cmx 20cm etc.).



Bookbinding fabrics are materials used for the decoration of covers on organizers, calendars, notebooks, albums, etc. as well as with pyrography leatherettes. The fabrics are thin materials in various designs and colors and are a good and cheap solution for every cover. It´s more used in organizers, calendars, notebooks, etc. serial products where the cost is very low. Even though is a nice alternative and cheap solution for the album.



The fabrics are available in rolls of 135cmx 50m dimension and as well as the leatherettes can also be available by metre.  Our company has three series of fabrics: Brillianta, Natuurlinen, Buckram. 



Country of origin: Netherlands


The pyrography leatherettes are special materials used in the decoration of the cover in an organizer, a notebook, a frame or an album. They are produced by using thin resistant material suitable for the creation of a beautiful and resistant cover where the manufacturer can scratch up the gold or silver lettering without breaking down the material.


The leatherettes are available in various designs and colors, which are constantly enriched. 


The dimensions of the rolls are 140cm x 60m and are also available by metre. Country of origin: Italy 



The adhesive cardboard 280gr / sq.m. is the inner sheet used to stick together the photos to the albums. It consists of 100% natural paper and glue that is activated after pressure. It is easy to use, it does not trap air and it is easily installed by the hand. The adhesive cardboard 280gr / sq.m. weights 280gr / sq.m. and is 300g thick. It is available in 62cmx 100cm, 72cmx 100cmx  82cm, 100cm sheets. It is also available in any cut size desired.



The adhesive cardboard 280gr / sq.m. is produced in roll form in cut dimensions as (31cm x 100mtl, 21cmx 100mtl etc.) for use in special automatic album machines. It is also produced in black and white colour.

Country of origin: Italy.


Lamination for various floor graphics applications as well as simple laminations. It is the only cold lamination type that withstands the one piece digital album cover. (It does not wrinkle-or break). Suitable for many applications the front side has an intense leather texture .Available in rolls of 50mx105cm with ability to cut to the desired meters.



 floor4  floor3




Gm107q is a double-sided tape suitable for covering large surfaces such as kappamount, foamboards, advertising signs etc. It has a strong and permanent adhesion suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. GM107 Q is available in rolls of 70cmx 50m / 104cmx 50m / 140cmx 50m / 155cmx 50m.



The GM-425 is a double-sided tape with very strong permanent adhesion. It is primarily used to strengthen albums. Available in rolls of 19mmx 50m, 50mmx 50m.



S-4215mf is a double-sided tape without internal body. It is thin transparent strong with permanent adhesion and it is used in the turning of covers of albums and to strengthen small albums. Available in rolls of 20mmx 50m, 35mmx 50m, 50mmx 50m. Country of origin: Germany


Binding gauzes for strong binding of the album back. Available in two types: Classic bookbinding textiles and nonwooven with adhesive tape on the back side. Both gauzes are available in rolls of 10cm X 50m



Tela is a kind of gauze starched with open-weave. It is used to tie the back of the book or album to endure more time. We use it along with liquid binding glue. Available in sheets or rolls of 10cm x 100m.


The adhesive tela is a type of fabric laminated with glue gauze. It is used instead of classic Tela to save time. Available in rolls of 10cm x50m. Country of origin: Greece - Germany.


For information on products - machinery or orders call 210-5730-886 or email 
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