Enessis Co, a private firm, was created in October 2007 in Athens and it’s  specialized since the beginning in the creation, production and knowledge of systems and bookbinding machines for digital books and photo albums. Enessis Co., has developed an extensive and unique experience in creating and producing bookbinding systems and machines, of high quality and international standards. Enessis simultaneously, is dedicated to provide and advise the end - user, with its unique expertise and bookbinding technology methods that has at its disposal, giving him the ability to produce high quality digital photo albums. Since May 2010 two new sections have been added to the company; the section of the mounting part of the machinery and the R & D section. In the same time there’s a  cooperation with our specialized factory for the production of sheet metals and machining parts. Simultaneously there’s cooperation with a specialized factory to produce sheet metals and machining parts.



Adopting a strategy of well-developed business solutions and unique financial applied engineering, Enessis has formed a team of highly skilled and competent experienced engineers to develop the design, efficiency and operation of the systems, according to local and international quality standards of security and protection. Ensuring the system with a patent, Enessis has also established exclusive partnerships with suppliers of all materials used in the production of its systems. Exclusive cooperation agreements have also been reached in the supplier level for digital consumables of photo books and photo albums, while Enessis has already invested and created a laboratory for packaging of core materials in disposable products.


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